Buying Process

Order Step 1: Input of Order Data

Delivery Medium

Note of Selection and Order Depending which product licenses of which manufacturers you plan to use at total, select here which STRATOLABS-License you want to order here for solitary.

Note to the shipping With the shipping of the ordered product in the box, you have free choice from the following shipping service providers.

If neessary, it is also possible to provide the product in addition via software download in advance. Please contact me regarding this.

In the case of downloads in advance then you waive the cancellation right.

Shipping Services Provider
    Shipping as a big envelope for 2,60 EURO

    Shipping as a parcel for 3,99 EURO

    Shipping as package with DPD for 4,20 EURO

    Shipping by insured parcel for 3,80 EURO

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