Performances and Information

Technological Performances

I offer intentional, innovative and exemplary achievements in the development of new software, procedures and technological services and their use of modern technologies in software and services shown among other things here like, and to the extent shown here.

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Development of computer software

I offer software development with conceptual design and low level coding. Here I design software on behalf of a contracting authority. Here I offer a consultancy, because usually discussed with the contracting authority only exact requirements for the solution and compromises between realizable and desired to be found.
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Development of Web applications

I offer the development of Web applications and their operation. Here I offer also the necessary maintenance of this Web application after the implementation of this Web application on new challenges.
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Integer Development as well as Operation also Maintenance and Further Development of Web Applications.

On the basis of a popular content management system, I offer the called service.
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Normalized or performance-optimized part discharge normalized development of a database.

I offer the called service based on several common database systems.
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